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Full Image Makeover

Full Colour Analysis, Style Consultation and Make-up Makeover- Our most popular consultations offered as a package at a special price! When you find out what is special about YOU, you can dress and look your best- every time.

This Full Image Consultation will cover everything from your head to toe- we take you through colour analysis, make-up and Style diagnosis to help you understand what suits you the best.  You will leave the consultation with all the knowledge and confidence to create your own personal style, shop wisely and  start building a wardrobe that you can really enjoy every day.
How It Works
The full Image Consultation is Colour Me Beautiful premier service for women. The session covers three core services to give you the complete image makeover.

​We will give you all the advice you need from choosing your best colours in clothes and make-up to understand your body shape and how to shop for styles that flatter you and your personality. Full Image Makeover will help you discover and design a personal image that makes you look and feel like a million dollars!
The Works! - Full Image Makeover
Duration: 3 hours
Price: HKD$3,688
Includes: a personalised 42-colour fabric swatch wallet, a personalised Style Workbook, and your own Beauty Tutorial Sheet
  • Discover your most flattering colours for clothes and cosmetics
  • Learn how to create a wardrobe using colours that suit you best
  • Select the best clothing styles and fabrics for your body shape
  • Create a unique wardrobe that suits your lifestyle
  • Find the best hairstyle and glasses to suit your face shape
  • Learn how to accessorize your outfits
  • Understand seasonal fashion and how to keep up-to-date
  • Receive a Make-Up Makeover and Lesson with tips
Colour Me Slimmer Consultation
Duration: 3 hours
Price: HKD$3,688
Includes: a personalised 42-colour fabric swatch wallet, Style Workbook, and Beauty Tutorial Sheet
This is the ultimate consultation to keep you looking slimmer! Whatever your size or age, Colour Me Slimmer will help you gain the confidence to dress with style and flair, while making the most of the attributes that nature has given you.

This consultation advises on clever dressing and will show you how to make the most of the good bits, how to work with the problem areas to create the perfect wardrobe for a slimmer look. It consists of  Full Colour Analysis, Make-Up Makeover and a Style Consultation.
  • Find out which colour combinations make you look slimmer
  • Learn about the shape of different parts of your body and which clothes will flatter you
  • Understand scale, proportion and posture for a balanced look
  • Receive wardrobe advice for your lifestyle
  • Get the foundations right with the best underwear for your shape
  • Discover how to use make-up as your secret weapon
  • Uncover the hairstyle and colours that slim your face
Colour Me Younger Consultation
Duration: 3 hours
Price: HKD$3,888
Includes: a personalised 42-colour fabric swatch wallet, Style Workbook, Beauty Tutorial Sheet, Single Eye Shadow and Lipstick in your best colour

This is the ideal consultation for any women over 40! By assessing which colours work best for you, Colour Me Younger shows you how to dress from top to toe in the most flattering style possible , which helps you shed years from your look. We show you how to stay younger look and that aging does not mean giving up on fashion- it just needs a little know-how! This consultation consists of Full Colour Analysis, Make-Up Makeover and a Style Consultation.
  • Wardrobe review (from the basics to accessories)
  • Hairstyle and colour
  • Make-up DO’s and DON’Ts
  • Glasses shapes and colours
  • Fashion tips from the latest season
Personal Branding for Ladies
This consultation is fully customized to your situation, company or industry
Duration: 3 hours
Price: HKD$4,000
Includes: a personalised 42-colour fabric swatch wallet, Style Workbook, and Beauty Tutorial Sheet

Looking for advice on how to develop a powerful and clean corporate image? Colour Me Beautiful offers intensive one-to-one consultations to review how you can look at your very best in office.

Our Personal Branding Consultation has been designed to give a little extra help and guidance for individuals who want to improve their appearance and feel more confident at work. By giving yourself the advantage of educating yourself in the secrets of success, you are ensured to stand out from the crowd!

​In this comprehensive personal consultation, we will discuss style and colour, and how it plays a critical role in your corporate image. We discuss everything relating to your image- from personal grooming, the best cuts of clothing, your most flattering colours, all the way down to how to make smarter purchases for your office wardrobe. The goal of our one-on-one consultations is to help you develop the corporate identity you deserve.

We recommend in this consultation that you do your hair and make-up as you normally would and prepare 2 outfits that you would typically wear into the office so that your working image can be reviewed.
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Corporate Image Services

Are you looking for professional advice on how to develop a powerful and professional corporate image for yourself or staffs of your company ?

Colour Me Beautiful offers a range of custom-made image enhancement solutions for companies and individuals. We elevate their executive presence and personal branding that help them for achieving greater workplace success.
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