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Management Trainees / Interns / New Graduates

Prepare your trainees / fresh graduates for the onboarding to the new job with confidence and credibility, and take their look from campus to corporate professional. 
Transitioning into the corporate workplace can pose numerous challenges for your management trainees and employees just starting their careers. This corporate image workshop is to convey what professional image is expected of your new employees, whilst building their confidence and work performance. We will focus on how to incorporate their personal style choices and the latest fashions appropriately into office wardrobe for professional look.

Sample agenda include:
  • Principles of professional image
  • Best personal colour, styling and grooming in corporate settings 
  • Dress codes for various business occasions
  • Business  etiquette and communication tips: from body language and voice, to handshakes, manners and office etiquette will help them to understand what is expected in the workplace. 

Our learning materials specifically customised to the needs of young adults for professional image enhancement.

Duration: 1 hour, “lunch and learn”, 2 hours or Half day
Details and Costs: Fill out the Corporate booking form and our corporate image representative will contact you shortly.

Find Out More

Our inspiring and highly interactive sessions are tailored to focus on your team’s challenges and objectives.
Feel free to contact us with your requirements. We can send you a tailored agenda to suit your budget and needs.
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