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Luxury Retail Service / Front Line

Colour Me Beautiful offers impactful and practical training workshops for service retail / front line staffs.

Empowering your service staffs to look at their best image,  it represents your brand image in a positive light. Polishing them with emotional sales techniques by learning practical styling skills.

Transforming your staffs into professional, proactive and knowledgeable fashion consultants who can generate add-on sales and create customer loyalty.
This interactive and fun training workshop content is customised to service retail staffs. We will cover a wide variety of topics in the workshop, starting with individual style and how to dress for their best professional  look whether they are wearing a uniform or not. They will also learn how to be more proficient in personal style consulting, for increasing the sales and customer loyalty. Our expert image consulting team offers practical advice and guidance to your staffs, supporting them to fulfill their maximum potential. Sample Agenda include:
  • Situational-appropriate styles, colour and the necessity of personal grooming as a service retail professional
  • Speedily assess client’s personal style and offer best styling advice
  • Identify the client’s specific needs through interpretation of their personal style
  • Use psychology of emotional selling to promote services and products for sales
  • Develop appropriate, proactive approach to client relations and sales generation
Our workshop will be personalized to your company’s specific requirements.

Duration: Customised to your situation.
Details and Costs: Fill out the Corporate booking form and our corporate image representative will contact you shortly.

​Corporate Image Events

Are you planning to strengthen your relationship with clients?  Or are you seeking to enhance your team building events with entertaining and educational elements?

Feel free to contact us with your requirements. Let us work together  to achieve your goal. 
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