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Online Consultations

Seeking for more time, location and budget flexibility to experience our consultations? Our online Consultation services will be your best choice!
By providing your pictures and some information about yourself as instructed,  you will discover your best colours, style and receive personalised styling advice at your preferred location. It will be the opportunity to give yourself (and a friend or relative) an instant confidence-boost.
How It Works
Our consultants will need to know you a little better before the virtual conference. She will ask you to share one or few pictures of yourself. You may wear something that you believe complimenting your colouring and style in the photo. The image needs to be taken in good daylight or white light and shows your face and/or body shape clearly.

On top, she will suggest few things- depending on which consultations- for you to prepare beforehand. They can be your favorite items that you want to know how to wear differently; or garments that you have a doubt on shades that you want to discover the mix-and-match solution.

You may be asked to start the consultation “make-up free”, so that the consultant is able to see your natural colouring.
Online Colour Consultation
Duration: 1 hour
Price: HKD$950
Includes: a personalised 30-colour fabric swatch wallet shipped to you within few days of the consultation
  • Discover your personal Dominant colour palette
  • Learn how to wear your flattering colours in outfits, accessories and make-up
  • Gain personalised colour mix-and-match tips by reviewing your favorite or newly purchased items
  • Review the shades in your make-up toiletry
  • The postage for clients is excluded in the consultation. The price will be informed separately by our consultants based on the shipping destination.
Online Style Consultation
Duration: 1 hour
Price: HKD$950
Includes: a personalised Style Workbook will reach you by email within few days of the consultation
  • Define your face, body shape and your style personality
  • Discover the suitable clothing fabrics & cutting, hairstyle, sunglasses and accessories for you
  • Design a dressing strategy to look your best in all occasions and the personalised styling tips
Online Wardrobe Weeding
Duration: 1 hour
Price: HKD$950
Includes: a personalised e-report will reach you by email within few days of the consultation
  • Review and detox your wardrobe: understand what to keep and what to give away
  • Create multiple looks with your existing clothing and accessories
  • Build your essential category and identify missing items in the wardrobe for the next shopping reference
Have queries about our services or products?
Want some advice on what consultation is best for you?

Contact us at or WhatsApp: +85266857399
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