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What Happens During A Colour Consultation?

What actually happens during Colour Consultation?

If you're thinking about taking the plunge and booking a colour consultation, then this post is for you!

It's all very well for us to talk about "getting your colours done"- but what do we actually mean by this, and what happens during your Colour Me Beautiful session?

Who conducts my colour consultation?

All of our image consultants have been through extensive colour training which qualifies them to effectively analyse your colour characteristics, and advise you on which colour category you fall into and how to wear your colours.

What actually happens during Colour Consultation?

Your session will start with a chat with your Colour Me Beautiful image consultant. They will firstly try to understand you and your expectations, then go you through what colour analysis is, how it works and describe our six dominant colour categories to you before explaining which category you fall into, and therefore which colours will suit you best. After this, they will use fabric panels to determine what your sub-categories are before presenting you with your personalised fabric colour palette. During the session, you will be shown how to wear colour based on your personality and lifestyle. We always welcome you to show us your newly purchased or wardrobe favorite if you need our advice on how to wear.

Do I need to arrive make-up free?

Colour analysis is most accurate when your consultant see your natural skin tone, without make-up or with very light make-up. If you will need to arrive with heavier make-up, feel free to let us know and you will be able to remove make-up when you arrive. Our studios normally have Colour Me Beautiful make-up collection ready, and our consultants are happy to help you apply a natural daytime make-up in your best colours after your Colour analysis. Therefore, you will leave looking fabulous too.

How will I remember which colours suit me?

As part of your consultation, you will be shown all of your colours and different combinations using drapes to demonstrate the impact they have on your overall look to help you remember everything, you will receive a swatch wallet containing all of your colours and your consultant will make some notes to pop in the front of your wallet which will detail key things to remember as well as your favorite shades and colour combinations.

Can I come with a friend?

You're welcome to book in for a joint consultation and make it a fun day of colour makeup and chat! We also offer group consultation/colour party- the content can be personalised based on your needs. Just Contact Us to design your own session.

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